Managing Change In Your Business.

Article by Tim Hatari

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Recent changes

So much has changed over the last year. Peoples lives have been completely turned upside-down throughout the pandemic making it challenging to manage your business.

Almost every business has been effected by the pandemic, amidst staff working remotely and new alternative methods of communicating. Even if your business hasn’t been affected by the pandemic you should still expect changes at some point in the future – a prime example as to why your business plan should be kept up to date.

Managing change

Change will inevitably occur in any business but what can you do to prepare:

Identify. Being clear about why there is a need for change is important for developing the plan and identifying required resources – A current reason for change in businesses the pandemic.

Prepare. Staff can become nervous and concerned about their jobs when changes to the company arise. As a leader it’s important to communicate with your employees. Be honest and transparent about changes as well as sharing your vision for the business, this will also gain you loyalty and trust.

Plan. The strategic planning stage is often a missed process or may not be covered in adequate detail. The more time you spend developing a strategy for change, the easier it will be when it comes to implementation. The results will also tend to be far better. If you don’t have sufficient resources to support you, gaining the expertise of someone outside of your business can be extremely valuable.

Communicate. As with any project communication is key. Everyone needs to understand their responsibilities and how their part fits into the bigger picture. By keeping everyone up to date on progress and change, even if they’re not directly involved, is important to maintaining motivation.

Evaluate. Regular analysis of results ensures the plan stays on track. Some areas will provide pleasing results and inevitably there will be areas that don’t go quite as expected. The important thing is to keep reviewing and adjust accordingly.