"My expertise is in architecture and construction, running a business was out of my comfort zone..."

The first thing that Tim helped me with was getting control of and understanding the finances. He was hands on in helping me set up and use Xero. I’m now conscious of money coming in and going out on a day to day basis.

Tim has been my business coach for a year now. He is approachable and knowledgeable. He breaks things down into bite sized, manageable chunks.

This has helped me to run a profitable business in both the UK and the Caribbean. Everyone should have a business coach like Tim.

- Wayne Greenway, Director at Greenway Associates

"As an owner of a small business its invaluable to have an outside perspective..."

Tim helped me interpret our data, analysing the information as a Finance Director would. He identified that we were giving far too much away for free!

We now have a better way of billing our projects, which has greatly improved the cash flow.

Tim’s hands-on approach means that you’re not left with an ever-growing task list. Invariably he’d say, “I’ll sort this for you.” Tim’s willingness to get involved has brought tangible benefits and growth to the business.

- Neil Phillipson, Director at Outsideology

"I was not enjoying my job and felt stuck in a rut..."

During the six 1-hour sessions with Tim, he listened carefully to what I had to say and matched exercises that subtly challenged me to see in a different way what was making me feel unhappy.

Tim is easy to talk to. He showed me how to identify my strengths and that I had the power to bring about change.

I now have a job that I thoroughly enjoy, and believe this to be a direct result of the support I gained from Tim.

- Ian Davis, HR Professional

"Tim took a genuine interest in the services I offer, helping me to realign - when I knew I was under-pricing..."

Tim gave me the confidence to increase prices in order to attract my ideal customers. It worked!

Next, Tim reviewed my referral partner documents. They now clearly explain that I understand their pain points – especially the ones I resolve.

From every session with Tim, I took away something positive to apply to my business.

- Claire Edwards, Director & Eldercare Consultant

"Tim asked me some great questions that led us to exploring ways I could scale up with minimal increase to overheads..."

My marketing planning workshops are good for income and follow on business, so why do I run them so infrequently? Good question Tim!

Tim motivated me to plan more workshops and checked in to make sure I kept to the plan. Tim has such a calm demeanour, which really helps when you need to focus on something that, without outside help, you might just leave to fester.

Having the support of a business coach is invaluable and I’d highly recommend Tim.

- Nicola Macdonald, Director at Attractive Marketing

"Like many business owners I needed more hours in the day..."

Tim helped me introduce processes that made us more efficient. We were using Xero, our accounting system, at a basic level.

Tim showed us how to use more of the functionality, such as adding rules and linking with receipt bank. Together we identified tasks that I could delegate, which I now employ others to do.

I’ve had business coaching in the past, but Tim’s hands on and practical approach has really made a difference. Discussions with Tim are non-judgemental and always stimulating.

- Simon Knibbs, Director at Knibbs Creative Design